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The PIMR, founded in 1946, has been conducting research and development work contributing to the technological progress of agricultural machines and tractors, implementing the results of the research in practical agricultural applications.

It co-operates with other institutes, universities and industrial organizations in Poland and other EU countries. The main activities are the development of the computer assisted designing techniques, machines and agricultural equipment, testing and research (with the use of ADAMS, PATRAN/NASTRAN, I IDEAS systems. Furthermore, the large number of conducted research is connected with environmental matters. Some work have been done to decrease the destructive influence of agricultural machines on the environment (evaluation systems of the environment degradation caused by machines, research on decreasing soil packing and erosion, optimization of fertilizers and pesticides dosing assemblies, crop protection, ergonomic and safe operators' stand, vibro-acoustic diagnostics and air pollution examination). Another important area of our research is connected with renewable energy sources such as raps, cereal straw, grasses and methods of energy generation. There is also a special testing stand designated to machines examination for the conformity with European and national safety requirements, (Accredited Agricultural Machines Testing Laboratory - conformity with EN ISO 17025, notified within the range of Low Voltage Directive - LVD).

PIMR has a well equipped laboratory for the synthesis, characterization and testing of plants seed oils and transesterification products. Besides, PIMR is equipped for carrying out transesterification reactions in batch production schemes. The use of plants seed oils for the development of innovative transesterification technologies is a well established procedure at PIMR.

PIMR is the owner of many patents, particularly in the conversion of rape oil into biodiesel. The current knowledge and experience as well as the know-how, developed so far in several national projects are the basis for the development of new approaches in different subjects of agricultural engineering.

The Institute offers its services in the following areas:

  • material engineering,
  • laboratory research and field tests of agricultural machines (strength and dynamic parameters),
  • design and simulations of agricultural machines and devices, using modern computer techniques (for egzample: SolidWorks, CosmosWorks, PATRAN/NASTRAN, I-DEAS),
  • testing for CE mark and certification of safety and ergonomics (Accredited Testing Laboratory),
  • co-operation with AGRIMACH-MULTIMEDIA system,
  • invention and patent studies,
  • research practice and training for engineers and technicians,
  • organizing exhibitions at the Poznan International Fair and awarding the PIMR - WYRÓB NA MEDAL mark.

We produce the following kinds of agricultural machines:

  • presowing cultivation units,
  • stubble cultivators,
  • cultivation rollers (pulled or hanged),
  • rollers cooperating with others machines (e.g. ploughs),
  • other cultivation machines.

The DC Team, which is a department of PIMR is conducting work in the area of:

Computer analysis:

  • complex computer analysis of structural strength of mobile machines and stationary devices with the use of FEM calculation (programs: MSC Patran/Nastran, I-DEAS, SolidWorks),
  • the determination of construction loading in virtual solid models in the range of kinematic and dynamic,
  • computer analysis of functionality of machines and equipment,
  • constructional calculation of machine elements with the use of the Design Accelerator (Autodesk Inventor Professional),
  • analytical calculation of constructions, determination of load according to PN and EN standards,
  • elaboration of construction projects in CAD 3D (Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor, I-DEAS, Nastran), as well as the technical documentation CAD 2D.

Experimental research:

  • machine measurement with the help of electric resistance wire strain gauge in laboratory and field conditions,
  • measurements of physical quantities such as force, acceleration, pressure, stress, displacements, etc.,
  • verification and validation of computer models,
  • machine dynamic measurements.
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